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TheNeopetsStore - Buy Neopoints and Items online

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Welcome to! Our aim is to remove the all the frustration and hard work it takes to become a Neo-Millionaire. Here you can buy Neopoints and become a millionaire in less than 24 hours! We don't stop at Neopoints. We sell Neopets items and accounts, even Neopets themselves, we truly believe we have everything you could need on Neopets. We have one of most comprehensive item catalogues offering a wide variety of items, giving regular Neopets players the ability to fast track their way to success at competitive prices. If we don't have what you where looking for, just send us a message and I'm sure we could track it down for you!

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We're Paypal Verified. What's that mean? Verified status means that PayPal has confirmed our bank account and we have passed PayPal's security checks (among other things). Having Verified status shows PayPal's recognition of us as a reputable seller and provides us with several benefits, several of which apply to you, the buyer. All purchases made are insured under Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy up to $2000 dollars. Furthermore, every PayPal Button on this site is encrypted to prevent fraud.

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